The use of Much and Many

The use of the words much and many have the same meaning, namely many. But in its use in English, there are different rules. 


The word much is used to express a large number of objects that cannot be directly calculated physically one by one with certainty (referred to as uncountable nouns).

example of sentences:

How much money do you pay for the school fee? (How much money did you pay for tuition?)

You could eat the dishes as much as you can in this restaurant. (You can eat as many of those dishes as you can in this restaurant).

She had drunk too much alcohol. (He has drunk too much (drink) alcohol)

The cake is too sweet. It must have too much sugar on it. (The cake is too sweet. The cake must be too much sugar)

While the use of 


is a word that shows many things that can be counted (often called a countable noun) and is usually plural (more than one). In addition to the word many, to express a lot we can use the word a lot of or lots of which means a lot.

Consider the following example sentences:

How many times do you go there? (How many times did you go there?)
There are many people there. (There are a lot of people in there)
I have many friends in my community. (I have many friends in my community)

In the use of the words much and many, practice is needed in determining the type of noun, namely countable nouns, and uncountable nouns.

Countable Noun

What things are included in countable nouns?


Countable nouns or which have the meaning of objects that can be counted and are objects that can generally be counted directly. For example, we can count one book, five books, ten books, and so on.

Uncountable Noun

What is included in uncountable nouns?


However, the things that cannot be counted above can be made into countable nouns as long as you insert the quantifier or unit before the object is mentioned.

For example, a glass of water, a bar of chocolate, a bowl of rice, and so on.
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