Bank Soal : Reported Speech

Complete the following sentences with said or told

1. Julia ________________ that she would join us after work

2. She __________________ me that she had sent the mail.

3. Jimmy ________________ Sarah that he couldn't come to the party.

4. Mr. Harris ______________ that the meeting would be cancelled.

5. The guest speaker ______________ me that he would come on May 3nd.

6. He _______________ that he didn't want to be picked up at the airport.

7. Miss Hanny Handoyo _____________ that she would not start without us

8. He _______________ that I should do some more work on this report.

9. I _______________ him not to come late.

10. I _________________ I didn't like this attitude.

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Complete the sentences by reporting the speaker's words in a noun clause.

Examples :

1. Bob said, "I will help you."
    Bob said (that) he would help me.

2. "Do you need a pen?" Annie asked.
    Annie asked me _______________________________________

3. Jennifer asked,"What do you want?"
    Jennifer asked me _______________________________________

4. Sid asked, " Are you hungry?"
    Sid wanted to know _______________________________________

5. " I want a sandwich," Jennifer said
    Jennifer said ________________________________________

6. "I am going to move to Ohio," said Bruce.
    Bruce informed me _______________________________________

7. "Did you enjoy your trip?" asked Connie.
    Connie asked me _______________________________________

8. Dick asked, "What are you talking about?" 
    Dick asked me _________________________________________________________

9. Nancy asked, " Have you seen my grammar book?"
    Nancy wanted to know ____________________________________

10. Susan said, " I don't want to go."
      Susan said ___________________________________________

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